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The tournament was played at Plainfield Country Club on Monday, June 16, 2014. This marks our 35th anniversary. The day was made to order and we had 27 teams. There were 480 Raffle Tickets sold and the winners are listed below: Florie Petti sold 171 tickets and Rick Gartland 101 of the 489 tickets sold. The Dennis Keelty Memorial Golf Classic for 2015 will be held at Plainfield Country Club, Edison, New Jersey on Monday, June 15, 2015. Please join us.

  • 1st Place $12,225.00 Rick Gartland (Sold by Rick Gartland) HANJ Member
  • 2nd Place $7,335.00 Bill Gresham (Sold by Rick Gartland)
  • 3rd Place $1,222.50 John Gaven (Sold by George Keelty)
  • 4th Place $1,222.50 Dr. Stephen Yaremczak (Sold By George Keelty)
  • 5th Place $1,222.50 Allen Smith (Sold By HANJ) HANJ Member
  • 6th Place $1,222.50 Patrick Wildridge (Sold by Florie Petti)

Winning Teams:

  • FIRST PLACE: CSL: Perry Parker, Nick Miller, Kim Alexander, Pat Cannon
  • SECOND PLACE: Guys From Metuchen: Bob Ladoto, Florie Petti, John McGee, Andy Brock
  • THIRD PLACE: Accredo: Al Chin, Jim Seagrave-Daly, Steve Trost, Nick Sapio
  • FOURTH PLACE: BioScrip: Rick Gartland, Keith Kaminskas, Neal Linder, Allen Smith

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